All Time Low singer talks up the new album as first song clip leaks online.

Last night All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth took to his Twitter account to leak a brief clip of a new track from the band’s forthcoming fourth album ‘Dirty Work’.

The track is reportedly called ‘Art Of The State’ and the sample of the song can be heard on the player below.

Earlier this week Rock Sound caught up with the singer to talk about the album and when fans can expect to hear new songs in their entirety. His response? “Fucking soon hopefully.” A pretty emphatic response we think you’ll agree.

author: Andrew Kelham

So, where are you with your assessment of new album ‘Dirty Work’ at the minute?
“It’s ready to go and I’m really happy with it. I did have a breakdown moment and you always do when you are making something that has a lot riding on it, there is always that anxiety in the back of your head but now I’m fully confident in it. We have fourteen tracks from which we’ll pick the final eleven for the record, the other three will come out as bonus tracks on various iTunes packages I imagine. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done, it definitely feels less sugar coated than anything we’ve ever done but at the same time it feels just as accessible. There are a wider variety of moods on the album so more people will be able to relate to it.”

Does that mean the album is darker or just wider in subject matter?
“Before I go on I always find it really funny that there does tend to be a trend of music that is credible also being melancholy. It always makes me wonder why, if you write happy music that’s not credible, it seems you have to tap in to your darker side to be taken seriously. That being said there are some songs with a more serious tone on the album; there is a lot of escapism on this record. In the past it has always been me writing about escape in terms of hoping to get out of this small town I’m in or hoping the band will make it blah blah blah, the stuff that a lot of bands write about. This time round it’s from the other side, once you have escaped and gone on tour it’s about not being able to count your friends on more than one hand because of what you do for a living. A lot of the material is about relationships falling apart and people questioning what you have become because of what you do.”

What were people saying about that fed into the lyrics?
“We have unknowingly separated ourselves because we are never home and just not around, it’s difficult to maintain friendships and so you can easily get a reputation from those who fall out of your life. It is presumed that you become something else or someone you are not and there are people out there that definitely think I’m an asshole that doesn’t call anymore. I can certainly see and understand that perspective so some of the record is analyzing that.”

When will people start hearing the songs on ‘Dirty Work’?
“Fucking soon hopefully. There is a lot of red tape with that at the minute and in reality that sort of thing will be in the label’s hands now. I would hope really soon as we’ve turned in the album, we are approving artwork and the record is slated to be released in late March so I would expect people to start hearing something in the next few weeks.”

What is a track on the album that you are proud of because it does something new for All Time Low?
“There is a song on the album called ‘Guts’ which is one of my favourite on the record, it is about finding within yourself the ability to say and do what you want no matter what the repercussions might be. The song features Maya [Ivarsson] from The Sounds and she is someone I’ve always respected vocally and thought was really hot so we reached out to see if she was interested in working with us, she was in LA at the time we were recording so it worked out perfectly. We actually both sound really similar on the track; you have to listen carefully to pick her out, she definitely sounds like a girl and I sorta sound like a girl so there’s a weird mix that happens but trust me it works for the song.”

Any other guests or was the album a select affair?
“It’s easy to reach out and get all your friends on a record but I think it’s a little trite, a lot of artists do it but there is a fine line between getting people you really like on your album and abusing who you know so you can write a bunch of famous peoples’ names next to your songs. I always thought the latter lacked class so we didn’t grab every person we could think of.”

With the March UK tour looming do you acknowledge how strange it is that Yellowcard are supporting you on these dates?
“Yeah it is fucking bizarre, we still can’t get over how weird it is. The year we started this band I still remember going to Warped Tour and seeing Yellowcard on the Ernie Ball Stage before ‘Ocean Avenue’ had even come out. I remember seeing them again at an arena that we will be playing with them in the US later this year. The key thing is that I’m just happy they are back together, I’ve always been a big fan so I’m glad they managed to work whatever it was out.”

After March, nothing further is announced yet tour wise, how is the rest of 2011 looking for you?
“It’s gonna be a long year with a lot of touring, I know that much. I expect that we will be back to the UK at least twice more, I imagine that we will try to be part of as many UK festivals as possible then try come back towards the end of the year if everything turns out well. We are trying to fit so much in to 2011 but we are ready, we spent an entire year making this album and getting some quality time off, I think we are all ready to go now and not stop for a while.”


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