Don’t Panic Tour
O2 Academy
February 9, 2013

If there’s a band that will always pull a huge crowd in, it’s All Time Low, with tonight being no exception. Lines of teenagers wrap around the corner of Glasgow’s O2 Academy, hoping to snake their way to the front of the crowd. The capacity of the venue is 1,300 and the show is completely sold out. This isn’t really a surprise considering the line-up.

As the venue becomes more and more packed with excited fans, openers The Summer Set (****) are the first to take to the stage, who perform an completely electric set. Brian Dales‘ vibrant personality and their catchy tunes light up the room and the view of the crowd is spectacular. There isn’t a person on the floor without a hand in the air reaching upwards or jumping. The Summer Set aren’t strangers to the UK or the fans watching them, as well as Dales‘ singing, you can clearly hear the crowd singing along.

Lower Than Atlantis (***) has a very different crowd reaction. It’s perhaps because their style of music is very different to that of the pop-punk heroes who have just been on and the ones coming up next. As they begin to play, there’s only a few fans who seem really in to their set. It’s obvious some fans haven’t even heard of them. Although the band have a lot of enthusiasm and have a tough time getting the crowd going, they power through and don’t allow the quality of their set to deteriorate at all.

When All Time Low hit the stage, the crowd lights up again. The flashing of lights is enough to get them started; shrieking, screaming and yelling could probably have been heard at the other side of Glasgow. The band open with a song off their new album, ‘Somewhere In Neverland’, and it’s exactly what the crowd have been waiting for. A huge amount of energy fills up the room as the band proceeds to play their 14-song set. Their light show is as incredible as always and their jokes are hilarious and original; the atmosphere is perfect and the crowd is completely focused on All Time Low as if nothing else matters.

It seems like the band and crowd fuel each other’s excitement as Jack Barakat, guitarist and Zack Merrick, bass jump up and down and over platforms. The band, as always, mix a range of old and new songs which are complete crowd pleasers and return to the stage after for a three song encore. They finish up with the first single from latest effort ‘Don’t Panic’, ‘The Reckless And The Brav’, ‘Nothing Personal’‘s popular ‘Weightless’ and, of course, tying it all up with ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’.

Despite the fact most of the crowd have seen the band before, All Time Low‘s set never gets boring. The night got progressively better and everyone left on a high. The only real let down of the night was Lower Than Atlantis, however, their musical style is very different to what the fans were expecting of the night. Overall, a fantastic night.

author: Caitlyn Dewar



Set List:

Somewhere in Neverland
Forget About It
For Baltimore
If These Sheets Were States
Jasey Rae
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
Remembering Sunday
Lost in Stereo
Backseat Serenade
The Reckless and the Brave
Dear Maria, Count Me In