Dirty Work Tour
O2 Apollo
Manchester, UK
January 21, 2012

Even without attending one of their shows, it’s a pretty easy task to guess the main kind of crowd that teenage heart-throbs All Time Low pull in on any one of their tours. That’s right, about 90% of any crowd at their show tends to be teenage fan girls aged between 13 to 17, a few boys in this age group today. Of course, there are older people present, and statement is clearly digressing a little, but this is fact is entirely true to the audience present at the Manchester date of their first UK tour of 2012.

New kids on the block We Are The In Crowd (***) receive a startling reception for what must be their second or third time over to these shores so far in their career, and with a newly announced headline tour of their own in a few months time, the crowd before them are a perfect target audience to pull in with their sweet pop-punk tunes. Admittedly these guys don’t seem completely ready to perform in a venue of this size and stature, but songs like ‘Rumour Mill’ and ‘Lights Out’ don’t fall on deaf ears.

The Maine (****) come across a little like a more teen targeted Maroon 5, but when they bring out their potential to the full it’s clear they’re more than just that. A slightly more indie/alternative rock tinge on the pop-punk formula that composes most of tonight’s happenings, The Maine are a band who should be put onto a bill of a slightly more older audience generally to see exactly what they can pull out of the bag.

The aforementioned fan girls aplenty almost manage to literally scream their lungs out once All Time Low (****) come onto the stage, very capable of causing a few cases of tinnitus throughout the room. Though some of the audience are clearly lusting over frontman Alex Gaskarth and co., it must be acknowledged that behind their fringes and skinny jeans comes talent and a knack for a catchy hook. Obviously single hits like ‘Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)’ and ‘I Feel Like Dancin” get some of the biggest sing-a-long moments, but nothing comes across quite as spectacular as the whole room singing back to the bare bone acoustic moment of ‘Remembering Sunday’.

The back-to-back encore of their staple tracks ‘Weightless’ and ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ leave the set to an explosive end. Despite the consistent sex related jokes brought throughout the songs and the persistent high pitched screams throughout the crowd (which, of course, is in no fault of the band themselves), All Time Low stand as perhaps the next big name of this generation’s pop-punk genre.

author: Zach Redrup

source: https://www.deadpress.co.uk/live-all-time-low-o2-apollo-manchester-21012012/


Set list:

Forget About It
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
I Feel Like Dancin’
Six Feet Under the Stars
Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night)
Poppin’ Champagne
Lost in Stereo
Remembering Sunday
Art of the State
Do You Want Me (Dead?) (Followed by Killing In The… more )
Dear Maria, Count Me In