In case you somehow missed it, All Time Low dropped their brand new banger ‘Sleeping In’ yesterday – and contained in that three minute bop they managed to sneak in two separate references to one Britney Spears

author: Rocksound

We caught up with Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat earlier today to talk through their new era, their new single, and those Britney references. Stay tuned for our full chat which is coming to a video streaming site of your choice on Monday.

Speaking of the Britney references that feature in the song’s ear-worm of a chorus, Alex shared “I always really like referencing pop music that I grew up on in our songs in subtle ways. This one’s not so subtle.

“It was just a fun line and I thought it painted a cool picture. ‘Sleeping In’ is honestly one of my favourite songs on the record and I think it’s one which really speaks to the overall vibe of the album. It was a song that, in the process of writing 30 songs, I would always circle back to.

“It always felt like a refresher when I thought ‘Is any of this good?’ This was always the one where I would go ‘This is good’. It’s just fun. It tastes like lemonade when you listen to it.”

The duo went on to explain what it was like working with animals in the music video.

Jack: “It was super fun! I will say that I wish my dog liked me a little more. I think he was just super shy. He was super well trained, in a good boy way, but I think he was kind of scared of me. Which I get.”

Alex: “I’m always really torn working with animals in music videos. We’ve done it a few times before and it’s tough – they’re not actors, they’re animals. They can be as well trained as they could possibly be, and there’s still moments where they will go ‘Eh, I don’t feel like doing this right now’.”

Jack: “Your mini-horse ate your toothbrush.”

Alex: “Yes. I was brushing my teeth with the horse and the director off camera was shouting directions at me. The horse was interested in it and sniffing my hand so he said ‘Brush the horse’s teeth’. So I gave them a little brush and he just chomps. Then I’m like ‘Noooo’ and the handler comes over and is reaching into the horse’s mouth trying to pull this toothbrush out. It was terrifying. I thought ‘I may have just killed a mini-horse’. But no animals were harmed in the making of the video.”

All Time Low’s new album ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ is set for release April 03 through Fueled By Ramen.


All Time Low talk festivals.

Alex Gaskarth and All Time Low and Alex Gaskarth hit Reading & Leeds Festival this weekend, so here’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it preview with All Time Low‘s main man.

Get excited.

author: Andy Biddulph

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed at a festival?
“To this day, I can’t get over the amount of public urination. Especially when it’s dudes pissing through fences that face back-stage. Do they not realize that all the bands see are a bunch of flaccid dicks?!”

What would be your go-to festival fancy dress costume?
“Brony. Like every other day.”

What was your scariest moment at a festival?
“I always hate when you get holes in the crowd where people have fallen. It just kind of devolves into a mass panic instead of people actively trying to help each other back up. That gets pretty scary, especially to witness it from stage. I never want to see people getting trampled or hurt at shows.”

What’s your dream festival line-up? You’re allowed three headliners and no, you can’t be one of them. Sorry.
“Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind. That would be a rad show.”

If you could ban something from festivals, what would it be?
“Creepy guys trying to do inappropriate things to girls. Fuck those guys.”

If you could see any album played in full at a festival, what would it be?
“Nirvana – ‘Nevermind'”

What’s the worst reaction you’ve ever had at a festival?
“We’ve played some heavy festivals where some folks in the crowd didn’t think we should’ve been there, but the extent of it was pretty much just loud-mouth heckling. We handle hecklers very well because we heckle each other all the time, so we just have a good time with them.”

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten at a festival?
“Mud. A car drove by a sprayed me with mud. In the mouth. :(“

Sum up what your 2015 Reading & Leeds set will be like in three words.
“Gosh darn party!”


With the announcement of their new album ‘Future Hearts’ and a new track / video in the form of ‘Something’s Gotta Give’, it’s been one hell of a week for All Time Low. Frontman Alex Gaskarth is in town, so we grabbed him for a catch up on the new album, their massive tour with You Me At Six and more…

author: Andy Ritchie


“It’s been really crazy. We spent a lot of time last year and even into this year writing, recording and setting up this record, so it feels awesome to finally hit it and hit it hard, you know? We dropped the video last night and it’s had a great reaction. It’s one of my favourite videos we’ve ever done.”


“The director Chris is a super awesome talented genius man. He sent us the concept and we honed in on it a little bit, rewrote a few things, but not much. We saw it and were just like ‘that’s hilarious!’. You know us, we like to keep our videos fun!”


“Whenever someone gives you a lot of money to do something like that, you’ve got have fun with it. Those videos aren’t cheap, so we’re not just going to spend our day being like ‘oh we’re so serious now!’ Of course we’re gonna spend it all on getting sweet zombie make-up and making my head explode!”


“Yeah, it was tough. It really built up internally. As soon as something’s done and I’m proud of it, I want to share it with everybody. I’m having a hard enough time right now not having the rest of the record come out until April.”


“It feels like a definite progression. I wouldn’t say it’s an insane departure or anything like that. We haven’t gone completely the other way and tried all kinds of new things. We’ve certainly tried some new things, but I don’t think it’s necessarily going to alienate anyone or push people away that loved the last record. There’s a lot of stuff that’s in line with ‘Don’t Panic’, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s a logical next step from it, too.”


“I think we’re definitely more focused and there’s definitely a greater sense of purpose now. I think that just comes with age and growing up and really figuring out who we are. But at the same time, it’s super weird to be 11, 12 years into it and having this much success and seeing that it’s still able to grow. Doing it organically without any sort of big machine behind it has been really awesome and really rewarding. We have so much control over what we do and what we choose to put out, but who knows? It could all end tomorrow, so you’ve got to stay very appreciative of what you’ve accomplished so far. As long as we can keep pushing forward, we’ll keep growing this thing.”


“I definitely get nervous. They’re some of the biggest shows we’ve ever done, and it’s a co-headliner, so it’s not just our show. Another big part of it that’s going to keep it fun is the friendly competition we’ll have back and forth with the guys in You Me At Six. Both bands are really eager to put on their best show because neither wants to be the underdog (laughs). Everybody wants to put their best foot forward, so I think it’s going to drive both bands to do their best. Also, we haven’t played in a while. We haven’t played shows in general since we’ve been making this album. It’s a little intimidating to think we’ll be knocking the rust off with a show to 9,000 people in Cardiff. That’s the one where it’s like ‘alright, let’s give it a try and see if this thing still works!’ It’s a little nerve-wracking, but it’ll be fun. It’s a really good way to start the year. We’ll start big and get in that mindset.”


“That’s a really special show for us because before the conception of this tour, that was going to be our big play over here. We’ll be putting the record out around that time, and we announced that we’re shooting it for our next DVD, so it’s a big night for us. The fact that it sold out in a little over a week is just an insane response for a show like that. It’s going to be very special. And that’s what drew us to doing this other tour. We can afford to put a few more shows up and see what happens. It felt like this was the greatest way to do it. If we were just doing more of our own headline shows, solo as All Time Low, it might take away from Wembley, or Wembley might take away from them, but because You Me At Six are out there with us, it makes it a really worthwhile event for fans of music to check out. It’s unique, you know? It’s not often two bands that can headline on their own figure out how to bring it together.”


Gaskarth’s guide to Slam Dunk success: Stay hydrated, get weird and have sex in the loo. Got it? Good.


author: Rocksound

So Mr Gaskarth, Slam Dunk is but days away – which bands on the bill are you looking forward to seeing/hanging out with, and why?
“That’s a tough question to answer. There are so many good bands on Slam Dunk this year! When we play festivals, especially overseas, it really comes down to reuniting with friends. We spend most of our lives on the road, and the friends we make out here, like us, are doing their own thing, so it’s special when we all get to meet up at a show like this and get rowdy together. I know I’m excited to see the Four Year Strong dudes, Pierce The Veil, The Early November…there’s just so many good people on this festival!”

What are your top five tips for making the most of a festival, making sure it’s one to remember?
“Stay hydrated; it sounds lame, but no one wants to be the kid that faints at the barricade and ends up missing half the show! Make friends; One of my favorite aspects of show-going was always the sense of camaraderie between strangers. It’s a unique opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people and create some great memories.

Get weird. Crowd surf. Head straight for the pit. Shows, especially festivals, are all about having an insane time. If you don’t head-walk at least three times you’re doing it wrong. Try to see some boobies! This may or may not apply to the girls, but I always made it a personal goal to spot at least one pair of boobs. It’s a festival, for cryin’ out loud!

This one sort of goes hand in hand with making friends, but DON’T BE A DICK! If someone falls down, pick them up. If someone gets hurt, help them out. Don’t be the asshole in the crowd starting fights and forcing bands to stop their set so that you can be dealt with. It’s the worst! Shows are all about respect. Oh, and have a beer!”

…And five things that you really, really shouldn’t do at a festival?
“Definitely don’t eat too much. Mosh-puke is the worst kind of puke. Don’t fuck with venue security. They will either kick your ass, or hand you over to the police. Instant festival buzz-kill. Don’t use porta-potties towards the end of the night. Seriously people, it’s common sense. Don’t drink too much booze. It’s one thing to have a couple drinks and enjoy yourself, but it’s a whole other thing when you’re blacked out, staggering around the festival grounds looking for your friends, your phone, your keys and your dignity.

Oh and NO SEX IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS. Gross! Ok, maybe just this once…”

What’s your favourite thing about UK festivals?
“Without a doubt, the crowds. The UK has always treated us so well, and the energy at shows across the pond, especially at festivals, is special. Next to that, and in the case of outdoor festivals, maybe the constant chance of rain. We’ve had some absolutely insane moments when, mid-way through our set, it just starts pouring down. I feel like all inhibitions go out the window and the crowd becomes a riot. So good!”

You’re headlining Slam Dunk this year, so what do you have lined up for your set? If someone’s coming to the festival and hasn’t seen you before, what can they expect?
“People can expect the same energy we always try to bring to our shows. I think we’ll be putting an emphasis on playing music from the new record, songs people haven’t heard live yet. We’ve been really stoked on the reaction to our new material, so we want to share that with the UK. Expect sweaty, filthy madness.”

What’s your personal favourite festival memory?
“We snuck into Warped Tour in 2005 when we were on our own, self-booked summer tour with a band called Hometown Anthem. We were in Florida on a day off, and basically just drove our van into Warped with all the other bands in vans. We didn’t have passes or anything, but we kinda managed to talk our way in and enjoy the day. Fall Out Boy was on main stage, and From Under The Cork Tree was blowing up. I think their set was probably the craziest set I’ve seen…ever. So nuts. Definitely inspiring.”


When life gives you lemons…a pop punk band paints that shit gold.

All Time Low just released new album ‘Don’t Panic’ to critical acclaim, scored their highest ever chart position in the UK and announced a three night London residency at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire as part of their February 2013 tour. All good news, and all well deserved as the Baltimore quartet have not reached this point in their career without setbacks, disappointments and a colossal challenge or two threatening to wipe them off the face of the planet.

Somehow the band dodged a major label bullet and came back brighter, vocalist Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat tell Rock Sound how they managed the greatest escape of 2012.

author: Rocksound

All Time Low just released new album ‘Don’t Panic’ to critical acclaim, scored their highest ever chart position in the UK and announced a three night London residency at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire as part of their February 2013 tour. All good news, and all well deserved as the Baltimore quartet have not reached this point in their career without setbacks, disappointments and a colossal challenge or two threatening to wipe them off the face of the planet.

Somehow the band dodged a major label bullet and came back brighter, vocalist Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat tell Rock Sound how they managed the greatest escape of 2012.

When you realised things were not working with your major label who came closest to quitting?
Alex: “We’ve never had a break up conversation.”
Jack: “None of us want to do anything else. From four dudes in ninth grade, it was always this band, we have nothing else.”
Alex: “I was the only one that didn’t even apply to college, there was no back up plan for me. I told my parents that if the band didn’t work out I’d start community college and figure it out from there but I knew the second I applied for college was the second I take my mind off this band. I was 17.”
Jack: “Alex was an adult kid.”
Alex: “There’s always moments on tour but it never got to the point where someone was sat down and told they were about to get fired. This band could not exist without the four of us. One member of Blink can’t quit, if one of us was gone it wouldn’t be the same, playing the songs would feel like a covers band. We knew we were going to get on each other’s nerves but we are family, you don’t split the family up.”

Was it hard adjusting to life back with Hopeless Records after the brief stint on a major?
Jack: “We’d only been away from Hopeless for eighteen months.”
Alex: “It felt so natural coming back together. They built this band the way it works best, from our fanbase up, being back on the label was amazing.”

What’s the vision for All Time Low now, how do you see it going forward?
Alex: “We want to keep climbing, we’re on a slower path but it’s potentially neverending.”
Jack: “This band will be ten years old next year, and it’s been a constant slow build throughout. We’ve never seen things start to tail off or decline.”

What kept you going when things weren’t working last year?
Jack: “It would have been awful if we had not been touring all the time. We played 260 shows and toured for 300 days last year, we were smart in that regard and it insulated us from the worst of the details.”
Alex: “The two sold out shows at Brixton were monumental for us and we did our first South American tour last year.”
Jack: “In Kuala Lumpur we got Police escorts for the first time. We didn’t ask for it but they just showed up and gave us a cavalcade ride to the venue. Police motorcycles cleared the road for us, it was the quickest trip ever. Then we played to 5,000 kids in manilla, pretty eye-opening shit for us.”
Alex: “It was really clicking with us that we weren’t limited to the US and the UK. Our eyes were opened and we’ve not looked back to be honest.”


All Time Low singer talks up the new album as first song clip leaks online.

Last night All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth took to his Twitter account to leak a brief clip of a new track from the band’s forthcoming fourth album ‘Dirty Work’.

The track is reportedly called ‘Art Of The State’ and the sample of the song can be heard on the player below.

Earlier this week Rock Sound caught up with the singer to talk about the album and when fans can expect to hear new songs in their entirety. His response? “Fucking soon hopefully.” A pretty emphatic response we think you’ll agree.

author: Andrew Kelham

So, where are you with your assessment of new album ‘Dirty Work’ at the minute?
“It’s ready to go and I’m really happy with it. I did have a breakdown moment and you always do when you are making something that has a lot riding on it, there is always that anxiety in the back of your head but now I’m fully confident in it. We have fourteen tracks from which we’ll pick the final eleven for the record, the other three will come out as bonus tracks on various iTunes packages I imagine. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done, it definitely feels less sugar coated than anything we’ve ever done but at the same time it feels just as accessible. There are a wider variety of moods on the album so more people will be able to relate to it.”

Does that mean the album is darker or just wider in subject matter?
“Before I go on I always find it really funny that there does tend to be a trend of music that is credible also being melancholy. It always makes me wonder why, if you write happy music that’s not credible, it seems you have to tap in to your darker side to be taken seriously. That being said there are some songs with a more serious tone on the album; there is a lot of escapism on this record. In the past it has always been me writing about escape in terms of hoping to get out of this small town I’m in or hoping the band will make it blah blah blah, the stuff that a lot of bands write about. This time round it’s from the other side, once you have escaped and gone on tour it’s about not being able to count your friends on more than one hand because of what you do for a living. A lot of the material is about relationships falling apart and people questioning what you have become because of what you do.”

What were people saying about that fed into the lyrics?
“We have unknowingly separated ourselves because we are never home and just not around, it’s difficult to maintain friendships and so you can easily get a reputation from those who fall out of your life. It is presumed that you become something else or someone you are not and there are people out there that definitely think I’m an asshole that doesn’t call anymore. I can certainly see and understand that perspective so some of the record is analyzing that.”

When will people start hearing the songs on ‘Dirty Work’?
“Fucking soon hopefully. There is a lot of red tape with that at the minute and in reality that sort of thing will be in the label’s hands now. I would hope really soon as we’ve turned in the album, we are approving artwork and the record is slated to be released in late March so I would expect people to start hearing something in the next few weeks.”

What is a track on the album that you are proud of because it does something new for All Time Low?
“There is a song on the album called ‘Guts’ which is one of my favourite on the record, it is about finding within yourself the ability to say and do what you want no matter what the repercussions might be. The song features Maya [Ivarsson] from The Sounds and she is someone I’ve always respected vocally and thought was really hot so we reached out to see if she was interested in working with us, she was in LA at the time we were recording so it worked out perfectly. We actually both sound really similar on the track; you have to listen carefully to pick her out, she definitely sounds like a girl and I sorta sound like a girl so there’s a weird mix that happens but trust me it works for the song.”

Any other guests or was the album a select affair?
“It’s easy to reach out and get all your friends on a record but I think it’s a little trite, a lot of artists do it but there is a fine line between getting people you really like on your album and abusing who you know so you can write a bunch of famous peoples’ names next to your songs. I always thought the latter lacked class so we didn’t grab every person we could think of.”

With the March UK tour looming do you acknowledge how strange it is that Yellowcard are supporting you on these dates?
“Yeah it is fucking bizarre, we still can’t get over how weird it is. The year we started this band I still remember going to Warped Tour and seeing Yellowcard on the Ernie Ball Stage before ‘Ocean Avenue’ had even come out. I remember seeing them again at an arena that we will be playing with them in the US later this year. The key thing is that I’m just happy they are back together, I’ve always been a big fan so I’m glad they managed to work whatever it was out.”

After March, nothing further is announced yet tour wise, how is the rest of 2011 looking for you?
“It’s gonna be a long year with a lot of touring, I know that much. I expect that we will be back to the UK at least twice more, I imagine that we will try to be part of as many UK festivals as possible then try come back towards the end of the year if everything turns out well. We are trying to fit so much in to 2011 but we are ready, we spent an entire year making this album and getting some quality time off, I think we are all ready to go now and not stop for a while.”